Operation Philosophy

Our firm operates under the service philosophy in pursuit of 「truth」, 「excellence」, 「pragmatism」 and 「implementation.」 We provide independent and objective professional services, which abide by professional ethics, to serve clients with serious and responsible attitudes and the utmost earnest so as to win wide range trust.

Our firm has expert personnel and teams of broad range, who have participated in international accounting organizations. By way of utilizing the professional knowledge and skills, the advanced audit methods, the highly computerized operation procedure, flexible organizational operation and earnest as well as responsible work attitude, we are able to provide top quality and most effective customer services. Under the framework of government laws and regulations, we assist clients in strengthening their finance, accounting and internal audit systems, and provide comprehensive finance and tax planning. In respond to the rapid changes of investment environment and legal framework as well as multi-dimensional and international operations of businesses, our firm also provides in-depth recommendations for our clients, enabling them to reduce their tax liabilities and creating their business benefits. In terms of client service, we emphasize 「client first」 so our accountants personally and relentlessly assist clients in undertaking planning, and preventing and resolving ambiguous issues rapidly by way of the provision of professional experiences to prevent losses occurred to clients due to time delay and inadequate recommendations.